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The Empowerment Pivot

Release on DECEMBER 1, 2021


The ministries of deliverance and healing were primary reasons for the explosive growth of the early church. Today, in many churches in The West, such expressions are remote or non-existent. 


What happened? How can the church recover these essential ministries as facets to mission and disciple-making? How can we operate in these without falling into the ditches of excess or neglect?


This book addresses these questions as well as reveals for the first time extensive research-based evidence to the effectiveness of deliverance in the disciple-making process. Balzer also provides key recommendations to church leaders who wish to establish such ministry upon a foundation of biblical, historical and practical evidence.

Launch Team Info
I am looking for approximately 15 launch team members and will select from those who indicate their willingness to do so by contacting me here with a simple "I'd love to join the launch team."


Each launch team member will receive via mail and at my expense, a signed hard copy of LUTD...sometime in mid-December, once I receive the bulk copies.


Launch team responsibilities and information

  • I am looking for people who regularly purchase Christian literature on Amazon.

  • I will email the team a pdf copy of LUTD to enable them to pre-read the material if desired.

  • I will provide opportunity for team members to pre-release purchase a Kindle copy via Amazon. This purchase enables the subsequent review to be a "verified purchase reviewer"for an Amazon book review. Launch team members will need to incur this charge that I hope to set at the $1 or $2 mark...but please know that I don't have complete control over this pricing.

  • I will instruct launch team members as to when to provide their Amazon review...this will be subsequent to the formal launch in early December.

  • Launch team members need to feel free to provide whatever form of review they wish to, with either positive, neutral or negative feedback.

  • Launch team members will be invited promote the book on their social media platforms. 

  • I will communicate to launch team members weekly, keeping this on their radar and reminding them of what is expected of them and when.


Thanks for considering this!


Doug Balzer

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