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Endorsements of The Empowerment Pivot

"There's so much clarity in these pages, and so much hope."
--Mark Buchanan, author of GodSpeed: Walking as a Spiritual Practice

"This book records God's people pivoting into a deeper kingdom reality in which the power of God comes alive."
--Scot McKnight, Northern Seminary, author of Open to the Spirit and Kingdom Conspiracy

“Doug has written a book that can help Christians access God’s empowerment for accomplishing the mission of God. We desperately need Jesus’s presence and power to turn around the downward trends of the church in the West.”

--Dr. Rob Reimer, author of Soul Care and River Dwellers


"This book will wake up every lackadaisical Christian whose God is too small. Don't miss this."
--Daniel Im, pastor, podcaster, and author of No Silver Bullets and You Are What You Do: And Six Other Lies about Work, Life, and Love

"Before the church does anything in mission, we must first become faithfully present and empowered through the life of Jesus. This book pivots the church back to spiritual reality and cultural authenticity. It is highly recommended!"
--David John Seel, Jr., cultural analyst and author of The New Copernicans: Millennials and the Survival of the Church

 The Empowerment Pivot courageously challenges faulty theology that sometimes fuels attempts by the church to live out what it believes while on mission. The book's teaching is an excellent corrective.  And you don't have to be a theologian to track with the thrust of the book. The author writes in a style that is conversational and compelling, accessible to all.  

--Dr. Miriam Charter, former Director of the PhD (Educational Studies) program at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

"A vivid, gripping tale of searching, insights, and empowerment..."
--Carson Pue, author of Mentoring Leaders

“Because of Doug’s life practice, he brings experiential depth to what we can expect when we take Jesus at his word. May we all find the new normal that Doug explains and models in daily practice.”

--Dr. Chuck Davis, author of The Bold Christian


Doug masterfully creates an appetite for “more” by inviting us to see the majesty, embrace the glory and behold the supremacy of our God. I dare you to make the move,

embrace the shift and pivot!

--Dr. David Hearn, President of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada


“This book is a convincing guide for an unconventional call to action and transformation. It is an invitation to pivot, to be nudged to take a closer look at my spiritual reality, particularly my relationship with the Holy Spirit, like Jesus, being Spirit-filled, Spirit-empowered, and Spirit-sent. Go deeper. Go further.”

--Rev. Genghis Chan, Senior Pastor, South Edmonton Alliance Church, Chairman, Canadian Chinese Alliance Churches Association


“Be prepared for your faith to be stirred and your potential in Christ to be called out.  If you are tired of having just enough of God to make you religious and want more, this book is God’s invitation!”

--Randy Friesen, President, Multiply (formerly MB Mission)


“Within these seven pivots are personal stories of deep reflection, vulnerability, and the immeasurable power made available to every follower of Jesus Christ for his Kingdom and purpose.” 

--Darren Herbold, Founding Director, For Freedom International—Thailand


“As I read The Empowerment Pivot, I hungered for more of Jesus. I pray that you will be stirred and provoked into a fuller, deeper experience of intimacy with Jesus and enjoy his authority and empowerment.”

--Dr. Bill Hogg, Equipping Evangelist and Director, Message Canada

“Any book that stirs you into a fresh wholehearted pursuit of God is worth the read. Doug and Teri Balzer are trailblazers in the ministry of releasing people into the freedom Jesus died to give us. Their stories and testimonies are a powerful backdrop to the principles Doug shares in this book. This book will indeed cause you to pivot towards greater empowerment.”

--Kathy Klassen, Director of Relational & Spiritual Vitality, CMA, Toronto


“Have you ever wondered if God has more for your life? Or maybe you already know but aren’t sure how to get the more. No matter if you are wondering or seeking, this book is for you!” 

--Dr. Robert S. Snow, Associate Professor of New Testament, Ambrose University


“We must pivot in order to experience more of the infinite God. Through much of his personal spiritual journey, Doug talks vividly about the importance of pivoting. I recommend this book to those who are thirsty for a deeper experience in God. Be prepared for a genuine transformation!”

--Dr. Aaron Tang, Executive Director, Canadian Chinese Alliance Churches Association


“Biblical theology is the moorings for balanced ecclesiology and dynamic missiology. Only reflective church practitioners like Dr. Douglas Balzer can hold tight both ends. This book is arresting, insightful, instructive, and practical without losing scholarship. I heartily endorse this book to Global North and Global South leaders.”

--Dr. Sadiri Joy Tira, Catalyst for Diasporas, The Lausanne Movement


“Every generation of Christians has the responsibility to live faithfully in Christ. Through his book, Doug poses great questions that expose weaknesses in contemporary discipleship. “Pivot” is the perfect term to describe the move we must make if the church is to be oriented towards faithfulness in our times.”

--Dr. Tania Watson, Executive Minister, Churches of Christ in Western Australia

The Empowerment Pivot
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